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HLSP Manual

This guide is meant for the Hospital Library Service Program members from CDLC.

Selection Aids

The following are some suggestions for the selection of library materials.

Journal and Index Acquisitions

Journal and index subscriptions can be efficiently handled by a subscription service. Advantages of a subscription service include savings in time and paperwork. For instance, a subscription service sends an annual notification regarding the need to renew subscriptions. Subscription services also bill for all subscriptions annually, although there may be supplemental invoices if prices change during the year. Without this service, renewal notices for each subscription are received from each publisher resulting in the need to issue multiple checks. Subscription services generally do charge a handling fee.

Subscription services are offered by:

Journal and Index Processing

  1. Create a list of titles regularly received by the library, including subscriptions, donations, and gratis publications.
  2. Create a periodical check-in record with check-in list or records. Receipt of individual issues should be acknowledged on the appropriate check-in card as they arrive. Those issues not received should be claimed by contacting the publisher or subscription service.
  3. Upon receipt, all periodicals and indexes should be stamped on the cover with the name of the hospital to identify them as library property. In addition, a specific page within the journal should be stamped.

The following companies provide library supplies including inventory control forms such as journal check-in cards:

Journal and Index Holdings

A list of journal and index holdings can be created by CDLC when requested. This list informs the library user of the journals and indexes that are currently being received as well as the extent to which older issues and volumes are held in the library and are available for use.

This information should be current and accurate. It is important that CDLC be notified of additions, deletions, or corrections for inclusion in the Union List of Serials.

Shelving and Storage for Journals and Indexes

All journals should be shelved alphabetically by title. Unbound journals may be held in open-sided boxes. A current journal section may be established for the library user's convenience.

Indexes, whether they be online or print, should be easily accessible to all library customers.

Circulation for Journals and Indexes

Most hospital libraries restrict journal and index issues for reference use only; not allowing them to be removed from the library.

Circulation policies for journals may vary based on each hospital's needs but should be backed up by an appropriate means of documenting any, however brief, removal from the library so that access for all hospital staff is maintained.

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