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Technical Services at CDLC

This guide includes the services, tools, and resources CDLC offers.

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About LiNX

LiNX uses Index Data’s MasterKey™ information delivery platform to search the holdings of CDLC member libraries and library systems.

Some important points when using LiNX

  • When viewing search results, click on the icon for your item to see holding library catalogs.
  • When clicking into a member library catalog, there are times when you will need to repeat your search.  (This is due to Z39.50 limitations.)
  • CDLC’s Partial Union Catalog (PUC) results do not include circulation information.
  • Please continue to use your current ILL protocols for all interlibrary loans.

Comments or questions about LiNX? Contact Kari Kakeh at CDLC.

Evolution of LiNX

CaDiLaC Online 2.0: A brief timeline of CaDiLaC – the union catalog of the Capital District Library Council

The “Old” Technology

  • CaDiLaC started as a union catalog on CD-ROM in 1990
  • CDLC’s Union List of Serials added in 1991
  • By 1994, dial-in-access to CaDiLaC was available
  • CD-ROM and dial-in-access availability continued through 8 versions until 1998

CaDiLaC Goes Online

  • CDLC investigated how to offer CaDiLaC online in the late 1990s
  • URSA software was purchased from SirsiDynix
  • Z39.50 protocols were used to maintain virtual connections to participating library catalogs
  • Use of this product continued until 2009

A Replacement is Needed

  • Functionality of the software decreased and expense increased
  • CDLC’s Regional Automation Committee appointed a subcommittee - the Think Tank - to investigate options for new software
  • Finding replacement software wasn’t as easy as expected
  • A variety of products were explored: some couldn’t do what was needed, some were too expensive
  • Should we write our own software?
  • CDLC was contacted by Index Data (a Danish company with U.S. offices in Connecticut, that specializes in search and retrieval software for libraries) with a proposal to work with them directly on a hosted solution using a product called MasterKey
  • After investigating, we determined that we found a product that did what we wanted at a price we could afford
  • CDLC’s contract with SirsiDynix for URSA software ended December 31, 2009
  • CaDiLaC was turned off while we worked with Index Data to get the new product running

CaDiLaC Online 2.0

  • On March 15, 2010, CDLC unveiled the new CaDiLaC Online 2.0!!
  • CaDiLaC Online 2.0 uses MasterKey software, hosted at Index Data (the same software that a lot of ILS vendors use behind the scenes for searching)
  • MasterKey is based on Pazpar 2 - a web-based Z39.50 search
  • CaDiLaC Online 2.0 searches a lot of targets in parallel and provides merging, relevance ranking, record sorting and faceted results
  • CDLC’s IT consultant worked to set up profiles for 25 CDLC member library catalogs
  • MasterKey allows these 25 catalogs to be searched simultaneously using the Z39.50 search
  • The 25 catalogs that are searched include more than 425 academic, public, school, hospital and special libraries, plus the NYS library
  • CaDiLaC Online 2.0 is really fast – it starts returning results right away!
  • CaDiLaC Online 2.0 offers faceted searching which we did not have with the old software and you can search by keyword, title, author, or subject

Introducing LiNX

  • On January 10, 2023, LiNX was released into the wild! 
  • The search component of LiNX is still what was formerly called CaDiLaC and a MasterKey software hosted at Index Data
  • The eForm was been integrated into it and the whole platform was built on the Drupal platform and modeled after Southeastern's SEAL product.
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