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New York Heritage at CDLC: Metadata

Tools and resources to help digitize library resources with a focus on adding material to New York Heritage

Recent Changes to Metadata Practices in New York Heritage

The newest version of the Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide is Version 6, which was published in November 2022. A complete list of the changes from the previous version can be found on the Change Report, starting on page 4 of the Dictionary. The most significant changes are listed below: 

  • Do not use tabs, HTML tags, or special characters that are not included in UTF-8 in your metadata. These elements will cause display errors. Information should be separated by semi-colons instead of tabs. (page 6)
  • A section on Compound Objects that includes information on mandatory page-level metadata. (page 7)
  • Although the Type field is now listed as optional (page 9), CDLC strongly recommends that contributors use this field to enhance future uses of the site.  
  • The controlled vocabulary should be added to the field name in Subject fields (e.g. Subject.LCSH, page 14). Most CDLC contributors are already doing this. 
  • Instructions for the Location field when the name of a location has changed over time. has been added. (pages 15-16)
  • Digital Collection field should be no more than 100 characters. Avoid using initial articles (e.g. The, An, A) at the beginning of the field. (pages 32-33)

Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide

Updated Metadata Dictionary, November 2022! This document includes guidelines and examples for all metadata fields, required and not, in New York Heritage. If you follow these directions, your items will be accessible and discoverable!

NYH Metadata Dictionary and Usage Guide  Verson 6 (November 2022) (PDF)

Metadata Guide Appendix F for CDLC Participants

CDLC members use several different subject fields, as outlined in this Appendix. They are all mapped to Subject in Dublin Core. 

Appendix F for the NYH Metadata Dictionary


Metadata Worksheet Examples

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